About KTU      
The goal of Kids' Tech UniversityKTU logo (KTU)™is to spark interest and excitement about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM disciplines) in children between the ages of 9 -12. KTU's curriculum features three parts:

• Held once a month from January to April, in a lecture hall on the Virginia Tech campus
• Will be centered on answering a "why" question, such as "Why is the sky blue?"
• Purpose is to focus children's attention on a particular subject within the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Hands On Activity
• Held after each lecture
• Focused on the specific discipline being discussed in the lecture
• Done in a career fair fashion where kids and parents walk around to various activities

Virtual Lab
• Interactive labs will follow-up on ideas presented in the lectures
• Activities are designed to cultivate children’s interest in the lecture topics
• Features online forum to promote discussion and teamwork
• Performed at home

For more information on Kids' Tech University - Virginia Tech (VT) Spring Semester Event, please visit the official website